“An entirely appropriate prescription”

by TV Watch on May 27, 2011

The Radio and Television Business Report has some interesting observations in their write-up of Remote PATROL (their articles routinely conclude with an “RBR-TVBR observation” that weighs in on the previously reported news.  In discussing Remote PATROL, they note:

School is still dominating the schedules of most US children, but in most jurisdictions, summer vacation is only weeks or even days away. Television content watchdog TV Watch is working to make sure parents have the tools they need to protect their children from undesirable program content.

It’s calling the program “Remote PATROL.” It keeps in mind the fact that the vast majority of Americans would prefer to oversee the television viewing of their children, rather than have the government impose programming guidelines, and educates parents on the many tools they have to do the overseeing.

RBR-TVBR concludes with this observation, which also gives us a glimpse of how things will be around the RBR house this summer:

The First Amendment makes it very difficult for any government body to legislate or regulate content, and that is as it should be. That doesn’t mean parents can’t step in and provide guidance. The approach TV Watch recommends is an entirely appropriate prescription for guiding children’s television viewing habits in a free society.

And in case anybody is interested, and no offense to TV programmers, but the kids that will be summering in this residence will find something else to do other than plant their little butts on the couch in front of the tube 12 hours a day.

For the full story, visit RBR-TVBR here.

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